White Perfect D1 – Top White – Brightening Cream



White Perfect D1 known as an effectively treatment cream for hyper-pigmented skin, uneven skin tone.

Overview: Facial peels involve the application of substances such as chemicals or creams to exfoliate damaged skin. Facial peels can benefit the appearance of your facial skin. The peels slough off the top layer of skin, revealing newer, more youthful skin. Going through a facial peel has some risks but also a few benefits. The results you get from a facial peel depend on the depth of the peel and the concentration of the chemicals applied.

With WHITE PERFECT D1 known as Light Facial Peel, it is a non-invasive treatment that removes the upper layers of dead and damaged skin and encourages skin cell regeneration. This type of peel provides gentle treatment for fine lines, acne, chronic dry skin, and uneven pigmentation.
How to use White Perfect D1? It should be apply 4 times a day with a thick layer on each time, and finish the treatment in 10-12 days. Surely, D1 is peeling effective, so your skin will be dry and tight, just keep using D1 until finish a treatment (10-12 days)
How to care for your skin after? Day cream White Perfect D3 and Night cream White Perfect D2, which is support your skin after White perfect D1 treatment, D2 & D3 moisturize the skin and help the new skin grow stronger.
Use morning and night, re-apply if needed during the day

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